We are very interested to hear from people who embrace the Gibson Strategy philosophy. We are looking for professionals who combine outstanding intellect and analytical capability with commercial judgement. Successful candidates are highly collaborative, but also keen to use their own initiative.

Working at Gibson Strategy

Gibson Strategy are passionate about intellectual honesty, a collaborative working environment and dedication to learning.

Clients know that they will get honest recommendations from us with the best interests of their shareholders in mind. We have a very non-hierarchical and informal management style in which colleagues know that their opinions, whether about a project or about Gibson Strategy's own direction, will be listened to and debated. We are committed to enhancing the expertise within our firm through training, working accross disciplines and types of projects, the development and transfer of industry-leading methodologies and the allocation of time to explore new concepts and formats. 


Our projects are typically delivered by teams combining a variety of disciplines. For example, a project to assess the risks of an acquisition by a private equity investor may require a strategy consultant and a research analyst. This combination means that specialists in one discipline soon become conversant in the other disciplines.

Join Us

We have three practice areas: 1) Research; 2) Education and 3) Consulting​

We currently have the following positions available:

  • Business Development Manager
  • Marketing & Events Manager
  • Research Analyst
  • Administrator



If you are passionate about due diligence, research and strategy consulting and would like to work for us, please email